Packing Notes For Diving

Please bring your full personal dive gear, including:

  • Log book & certification cards (including enriched air)

  • Drysuit or 7mm two-piece wetsuit, with hood & gloves

  • Buoyancy compensator device (BCD)

  • Dive computer

  • Regulator with pressure & depth gauges and an alternate second stage (octopus)

  • Spare parts kit

  • Dive light (it adds a lot to your diving experience by bringing out colour and allowing you to explore crevices and underhangs)

Tanks and weights are included with your charter. You are welcome to bring your own tanks and weights if you like. You only need to bring ONE tank because we come back to the lodge for fills between dives.
Nitrox and argon fills are available.
Rental equipment is available with prior arrangement.

Packing Notes For the Lodge

Please bring: 

  • Layered clothing to adjust for changing coastal weather - be ready for sun or rain - any day!

  • Beach stuff, camera, binoculars.

  • 'Slip-on' footwear. We request that you remove your outdoor shoes while in the lodge.

  • Something to wear in the sauna: a bathing suit, or robe.

  • Cash or cheques. Hornby Island Diving accepts credit cards but many other island businesses do not. Canadian currency is appreciated but US dollars are also accepted.

  • Pop, beer, wine, etc, if desired.

  • Out of consideration for our own pets, and for your fellow guests, please leave your pets at home.

Bedding and towels are provided.

How to get the most from your visit

  • Carpooling is highly recommended for travel to Hornby Island.

  • In the interests of conservation, we do not allow collecting of marine life.

  • Water conservation is important in every season, but especially in our dry summer and fall. We have never run out of water, but we like to be careful with what we have.