When is the best time to come diving?

We dive all year! Our favourite season is always the one we're in...

November to February - great visibility and sea lions
March - herring spawn, an incredible wildlife event
April to May - wonderful spring diving with baby jellies, nudibranchs, crabs, fish and more!
June, July, August - summer weather, schooling herring, octopus, wolf eels, sweet & easy diving
September to October - best visibility, a great time for wall dives

Will a divemaster dive with me?

It depends on the group you will be diving with. If you have booked with a dive shop or club they will provide a divemaster. If you would like your own private divemaster/guide we are happy to provide one with advance notice. If you prefer not to dive with a divemaster you will not be required to.            

How cold is cold water diving? Will I be cold?

With proper equipment you will be comfortable. The standard is a 7mm two-piece wetsuit with hood and gloves, or a drysuit with hood and gloves. All dive shops in the area rent wetsuits. Some rent drysuits as well. An orientation is required for safe and proper use of a drysuit so a little more advance planning is required.

You will be pleased to know that Hornby is considered very 'warm' by Pacific Northwest standards. In addition, our dive sites are all very close to our lodge so we come back to shore to warm up between dives.

Do you have Nitrox?

Yes, we fill nitrox (normally 32%) as well as argon and trimix.


Can I bring a guest that is not a diver?

Yes, non-divers are always welcome. They should find lots to do on Hornby, and are welcome to join us on the dive boat for sightseeing. We have a discounted rate for non-divers.

Can I bring my children with me?

Yes, we enjoy having children as guests. Hornby is a wonderful place for children to explore nature and enjoy the outdoors. Because our guest lodge is a group space with shared common areas, we will match families with appropriate groups, for everyone's enjoyment. We have a discounted rate for children and we can provide childcare on request.

Can I bring my pet with me?

No. We have our own pets: the famous Hornby Island Diving Ducks. Out of consideration to them, we ask that you leave your pets at home.